Saving with 6abc: Kleen Baby Kleen

August 29, 2013

Carrie Packer is a first-time parent and a self-professed 'germaphobe.'

"The car seats and stroller seats were getting sunscreen all over them and food," Packer said.

So for a deep-cleaning, Packer's using a local service called Kleen Baby Kleen in Feasterville, Pa.

Bernie Rickards launched Kleen Baby Kleen after having his first child.

"It's personal with me. I am a new father; I don't want my son staying in a car seat filled with bacteria, germs, mold, mildew, staph, so it was important to me to be able to provide a service to other people, as well," Rickards said.

Rickards makes house calls and makes himself available at day care centers, schools, and events.

He cleans car seats, strollers, play yards, jumpers, mats, soft toys, stuffed animals, and anything else!

"A lot of parents might get the surface stains off, but once I break it down and they see the mold and the mildew underneath, they're surprised it's underneath there," Rickards said.

Give him about a half hour and Rickards will take your gear apart and sanitize then dries every surface, even underneath and inside every crevice.

"I would highly recommend doing it for a second child because you really don't realize how much dirt and germs are left behind even with your best efforts," Tina Fisher, Director of Just Children, said.

Kleen Baby Kleen prices start at $19.99 for a basic cleaning of one item and here's a money-saving secret: Rickards will give you 15-percent off your first cleaning so be sure to ask him about that.

Rickards can also replace wheels, straps, and other parts if you need, just ask him about it when you make your appointment.


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