Mrs. Fixit: Couch Arm Tray Table

September 07, 2013

Well I'll show you how easy it is with just some scrap wood and glue to make yourself a couch arm tray table.

Start by measuring the width of your arm rest and add twice the width of the wood to your measurement to accomondate the sides panels.

If you're couch has squared off arms, the tray will look custom made.

Next, determine the length of the sleeve by measuring how far down you want it to sit on both sides of the arm.

I'm using 1 by 12 wood to cut the top and two side boards.

Glue the pieces together using the top to overlay the side pieces, clamp it until it dries. You can also secure the pieces using a nailer or a kreg jig if you have one.

If you wanted a larger top, you'd have to set one side back slightly from the face of the top, which will then overhang the arm of your couch..

Now stain the wood or paint it out, you may want to add a few coats of polyurethane too!

It fits securely over the arm of your couch or chair for an instant surface for your drinks and essentials - try it!

I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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