The Buzz: Chazz Palminteri brings "A Bronx Tale" to Phila. stage

PHILADELPHIA - September 13, 2013

"It's a very visceral feeling because my dad was a bus driver, Lorenzo and all of these things are my life. My relationship with the wise guys," said Palminteri.

The 1993 hit film started as Palmintieri's one man stage show in 1989.

"Here's the thing. The movie is great but the show is even greater because it's where it started and I'm the guy! I'm the little boy in the movie," said Palminteri.

Palminteri says he got a lot of offers to turn the stage show into a feature film but he refused to sell out.

"They offered me $250,000. I had $200 in the bank I said no. They offered me $500,000 - I said no. A month later they offered me $1 million dollars - I said no," he said.

Until one day Robert DeNiro was in the audience and made him the offer that would seal the deal.

"So he says 'I will play your father. I'll direct it. You want to play Sonny, you'll be great as Sonny. You can write the screen play since it's about your life.' Shake hands and let's go partners and that's what happened," said Palminteri.

Palminteri says he's reviving the show to introduce it to a whole new generation of fans.

"A Bronx Tale: The Original One Man Show" is here for three nights only at the newly reopened Prince Music Theatre. It runs September 19-21.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office or online at

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