Saving with 6abc: Selling things online

September 18, 2013

According to online auction experts, there are three major factors to consider before listing anything.

First, consider the buyer's location.

eBay opens you up to a global market, which is perfect for things like antiques.

But if you are selling items that are too big to ship, you should go with Craigslist. Buyers can pick the pieces up themselves.

Second, how quickly do you want your money?

On eBay, you'll have to wait days for the auction to end before the sale can be completed – that is, unless you're lucky enough to get a "Buy It Now" buyer.

If you want your money quickly, Craigslist is the better choice.

Finally, look at the payment options.

eBay sales are usually settled through PayPal accounts. Since the site takes a small fee per auction, items with smaller price tags may not be worth it.

With Craigslist sales you can generally request a cash payment on the spot, which means no money lost to fees.

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