Mrs. Fixit: WD40 Alternative Uses

September 29, 2013

You can use wd40 to remove everything from gum and paint to grease base stains like tomato and lipstick…. …Just spray a little on and then wash as usual. Just make sure that you test it in an inconspicious spot.

It also dissolves adhesive making it easier to removes sticker residue …it gets under grease and grime to remove permanent ink from most items. And the oil also can be used to restore and clean chalkboards …just spray a little on and then wipe it off.

WD40 can also help to keep your car clean…you can remove road tar and grime .…as well as hard to remove bug and insect residue.

If your car's dashboard is looking a little worse for wear…just spray a little lubriciant on it and it will clean and restore it in no time.

Any stubborn stains on your bbq grill? Well once it is cool try WD40 to remove caked on dirt and grime from the outside of the grill.

So many uses for something that comes in such a small can... …I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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