Suspect in custody in New Castle middle school threat

NEW CASTLE - September 30, 2013

An advisor received a note in a mailbox threatening that a student would be bringing a gun into school Tuesday.

District officials say information is power and they wanted to warn parents as soon as possible so they could decide how to move forward with their children.

Colonial School District officials say the troubled student said he was going to bring a gun into the school.

Officials immediately contacted Delaware State Police.

"It puts a big pit into your stomach and you want to make sure your children are safe, that all your students and staff are safe, and what do we need to do about that," District Superintendent Dorothy Linn told Action News.

Linn says the district has notified parents through various outlets including their website, phone messages, and Facebook.

Parents who do not want to send their children to school will be granted an excused absence.

"We are going to be out here with a police presence in the morning, as well as district administration and we plan to check all book bags in the morning," Linn said.

The news has been concerning for parents especially considering the realities of school violence in this nation.

"You hear about it and it's 'thank God that wasn't our school,' well, now it's our school," parent Dustin Guthrie said.

"Kids make comments and joke around and try to be tough and say things that they don't realize the outcome that's going to be and the trouble they are going to get," parent Nina Robinson said.

But officials say this doesn't appear to be a joke.

Police have a suspect in custody. They've been working on a fingerprint match with the note.

Until then, every precaution is being taken.

"I do believe they are getting close, but we haven't been given verification that it's happened yet," Linn said.

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