6 injured in bus stop crash in Townsend, Del.

TOWNSEND, Del. - October 4, 2013

State Police responded to the scene around 8:00 a.m. Friday in front of Frederick's Trailer Lodge on Route 13 at Eaton Drive.

According to police, the bus had stopped in the southbound lane of Route 13 to pick up students of Old State Elementary School when it was struck from behind by a Volvo SUV.

Dawn Custis' son, Devon, was boarding the bus at the time. The 11-year-old fifth grader was thrown to the ground.

"When the car hit the bus, that's when [Devon] flew out the bus," Dawn explained.

Devon tells us, "After I hit the door, my head hit the ground and I slid."

Devon was one of five students sent to the hospital. He suffered cuts and bruises and said he felt dizzy.

After the SUV hit the bus it careened to the right missing Devon as he lay on the ground.

"It felt like a strong wind ... on my back when the car went past," Devon recalled.

The students were headed to Middletown's Old State Elementary School. According to the school district, one child went to Christiana Hospital and four to Christiana Hospital's Middletown Trauma Center.

None have life threatening injuries.

Devon was released and the others are expected to be released by the end of the day.

The driver of the SUV was admitted to Christiana Hospital where he remains in serious condition.

Police say it's not clear if the driver suffered a medical episode or if he was driving over the 55 mile per hour speed limit. Police do say there is no evidence of drugs or alcohol at this point in the investigation.

Corporal John Day of the Delaware State Police explains, "The SUV was southbound on Route 13, according to witnesses it was in the left lane initially and then moved to the right lane and then struck the rear of the bus, which was on the right shoulder."

Other questions like if the school bus' safety precautions, like the stop sign on the side, were working also remain to be answers.

Delaware State Police are investigating.

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