Susan G. Komen 3-Day kicks off

PHILADELPHIA - October 4, 2013

These steps are for survivors, for those who succumbed. These 60 miles are a time to remember and a time of solidarity.

Cammie Sanders of West Chester tells us, "It's amazing to have all these wonderful people to celebrate with that I'm here another year."

Wilmington Helene Kennedy says, "I'm walking for my cousin Debbie. Her and I were diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago and she's not with me today."

This is a serious cause but it's not without serious fun. From the head to toe pink, the costumes, and the warm welcome to the "City of Booberly Love". Since 2005, the Philadelphia 3-Day has raised more than $50-million in the fight to end breast cancer - and that's not even counting this year.

Organizers say they're making strides.

Sheri Phillips, the national spokesperson for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day, explains, "Some of us are survivors like myself, some are co-survivors, some are just merely aware that someone somewhere in the world dies from breast cancer every 19 seconds and they're here to make a difference."

These men and women have logged quite a few miles already, but there's still a ways to go.

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