Home security for less

AMBLER, Pa. Nov. 11, 2013

For many people, installing a home security system is too big an expense.

But DIY Hip Chicks blogger Beth Allen says if you remember three key words, you can make your home more secure without spending a lot.

She explains, "The first thing is lighting. It's really important that your home is well-lit. And if you can't afford an electrician to come and re-wire, which can be costly, you can go for solar lights.

A four-pack of solar lights, which may be enough to line your walkway costs about $50.

She also suggests adding motion-activated light controls.

"A motion -activated sensor that turns on lights as you walk into a room," is what she suggests.

There are also motion-activated lights that sound an alarm.

And that's the second key word: Alarms. Anything that makes noise when an intruder tries to get in will be a deterrent.

Stick-on alarms that work on doors or windows can cost as little as two for $15 and they sound a 95-decibel alarm.

The third security measure is locks.

Allen says, "You don't have to call a locksmith. There are some very simple, inexpensive ones that you can install yourself."

There are different models for sliding doors and sliding windows. And sometimes, you don't even need a lock to make a door secure.

She showed us how to wedge a 2-by-4 between a door to the outside and the opposite wall to stop would-be intruders.

She says, "Noone can get that door open because this wood is basically blocking them. It's like a barricade."

To read more of Beth's tips, click here for her blog.

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