Sign up for Facebook Flash

To submit your profile for consideration in Facebook Flashduring Action News at 4, just follow this link to the Facebook Flash submission form where you can enter all your required information. All you'll need to do is cut and paste the website address to your Facebook wall or profile.

For example, here is what Adam Joseph would cut and paste into the submission form:

We'll add you to the list of candidates for broadcast during Action News at 4.

NOTE: The more information about you that is visible, the more likely we are to use your submission. We can't really have much to say about you if your profile or wall are blank, now can we?

If your Facebook profile was already broadcast in a Facebook Flash during Action News at 4 and you missed it, this is the place to come find it!

The 10 most recent Facebook Flash segments are available in the video player window at the top of this page.

If the Facebook Flash segment that you are seeking is older than that, this is the link where you can find the entire Facebook Flash archive.

Once you find your Facebook Flash video segment, you can easily embed it directly onto your own Facebook wall for all your friends to see.

Toward the bottom right corner of the video is a button labeled "SHARE." Click it, and a window will open in front of the video display with a list of sharing options that you can use to embed the video clip on your Facebook page, e-mail it to friends or other online sites.


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