Touching tribute for young athlete battling cancer

WARMINSTER, Pa. - October 19, 2013

Fourteen year old Sean Geiger fits the part of the reputation he built as a standout player on the CYO Bux-Mont Saints football team.

"I like suiting up and playing," said Geiger.

This season, Geiger isn't in the game. Cancer sidelined him and he lost part of his elbow on his dominant arm to the disease.

"Before cancer, it was all I did is play sports. My life is sports," said Geiger.

"Losing him to begin with is tough, that's selfish as a coach, he has a bigger battle - a life battle," said Dave Armstrong, coach.

However Geiger's life battle is becoming the league's life lesson.

At their game on Saturday against the Saints, the players on St. Jerome's wore socks with the color representing pediatric cancer.

The teammates also told their coach that if the Saints scored a touchdown, they wanted Geiger to run in the extra point without any interference.

"It's more about the kids than the sport. The young man is fighting a different fight, he deserves this. He would've scored many points this year, this gives him the opportunity to score one," said Mike Hoch, coach for St. Jerome's.

About 10 minutes in and the Saints scored a touchdown and Geiger scored the extra point untouched, as promised.

"He's at every practice, every game, knowing he can't play. He never gave up on the team and the team has never given up on him," said Armstrong.

Doctors say he may not play football again but don't say that to Geiger, he says he is working to get back on the field again.

"Start swimming and hopefully start throwing left handed and be back for next year," said Geiger.

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