Saving with 6abc: JRA clothing sale


But for this weekend, the food has been replaced by clothing, that's being sold to the public at rock-bottom prices.

"Kids' clothes are $1. Winter coats, beautiful down coats are $5," said JRA's Amy Krulik. "These are definitely rock-bottom prices. We do have some boutique items but the top of the price there is $10."

There are also Tory Burch shoes, Juicy Couture t-shirts and warm-ups and purses from designers like Kate Spade.

But the real deals are on the racks and tables outside the boutique area, where prices start at just $1.

"We have a lot of very popular mall brands like Hollister and H &M, $2 or $3 a piece, and it's a way for your to find clothes that maybe you couldn't afford at the mall," said Krulik. "But you can certainly afford it at our clothing sale."

And while shoppers here will get bargains, others will benefit, too. All the money raised at the sale on Sunday goes directly into the JRA's food program.

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