40 pounds of drug-laced candy found at West Chester University

WEST CHESTER, Pa. - October 28, 2013

Monday afternoon investigators put the THC-laced candy on display at the West Chester University Police Department. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana. The substance was used to coat small hard candies, and police say that drug-laced candy was intended for the student population at the university.

Deputy District Attorney Patrick Carmody says, "I don't think these drugs at all were intended for kids. The problem is the recklessness of the individual in this case who's using these drugs in this form, is then they get out in the public."

On October 20th, West Chester University Police pulled over a car with several students inside after smelling marijuana coming from the vehicle. After questioning the students in the car, they searched a south campus apartment and that's where, they say, they found the 40 pounds of drug laced candy.

The investigation is still underway, but the 24-year-old student accused of possessing the drugged candy has already been suspended and ordered off campus. He now faces serious criminal charges.

"We are going to be arresting him," said Carmody. "We are still gathering information about the drugs themselves and completing testing of them and we want to do further investigation of potential sources of the drugs."

Investigators said this is not a substance they've come across before in this area, and students said they hadn't heard or seen anything about it before. They were surprised drug-laced candy would be found here.

Again, police don't think the drug-laced candy was intended for distribution to children on Halloween. Still, they say this is a good reminder to all parents to do as always and check the candy closely this Halloween.

Anybody with information should contact Sgt. Matt Paris at the West Chester University Police Department or the Chester County Detectives at (610) 692-5100.

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