One year later, Sandy's scars still linger

October 28, 2013

However, even after 12 months, the scars from Sandy are still everywhere and in various stages of healing.

We had plenty of warning, as we saw the second-largest hurricane in recorded history heading our way.

But when faced with such a force of nature, there was only so much we could do.

As the storm passed, we saw images of houses and businesses gutted, cars left to rust and boats stranded on land.

In the midst of it all, an unlikely icon of Sandy's indiscriminate destruction - the Jet Star roller coaster, which was carried off by the storm and claimed by the sea.

But 'Jersey Strong,' we quickly found out, was more than just a motto. There was work to do and New Jersey, though still shocked, was ready to do it.

With the nation watching, President Barack Obama appeared side-by-side with political rival Gov. Chris Christie in the midst of a presidential election.

It was clear that politics was also a casualty of the storm.

"We all came together because New Jersey is more important in our citizen's lives than any kind of politics at all," Gov. Christie said.

Soon after, with emotion still raw, the cleanup began. Houses that couldn't be saved were removed, while those that could were rebuilt, and raised up.

For a region down on its luck, there were few if any lucky breaks in the last year - and more than a few hurdles.

Among the biggest was a massive fire that tore down the boardwalk in Seaside Park - 11 months after Sandy.

Though there are places where, it seems, little progress has been made in most parts you'd be hard pressed to see any of those lingering scars.

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