Philly's busiest red light camera intersections

PHILADELPHIA - October 28, 2013

AAA says the south side of City Hall at Broad Street and Penn Square that takes the top spot with the most violations last year: 22,611.

Drivers are running the red on the north side too, at Broad and JFK Boulevard. That site had over 20,000 violations.

Continuing the theme on Broad Street, a couple blocks north at Vine Street was the Number 3 site, with just under 20,000 tickets.

Philadelphia currently has red light cameras at 25 intersections and will be adding them next at Stenton and Oregon avenues, as well as at Island and Bartram.

The other question AAA looked at, is it cost-effective? Their analysis revealed the city handed out $17.7 million in fines last year, and made $9.5 million on that, which goes to PennDOT.

AAA believes safeguards are in place to protect the system from being a revenue generator and is improving traffic safety in the city.

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