Suspect in attack on Temple professor arrested

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October 31, 2013 2:45:25 PM PDT
There is a big sense of relief here on the Temple University campus now that Darryl Moon is off the streets. The campus had been on edge as long as he was still out there.

Only Chopper 6 caught the action as police moved in and arrested 45-year-old Darryl Moon in North Philadelphia on Thursday. They say he is the man who was caught on video surveillance leaving Anderson Hall Monday afternoon.

Moments earlier, police say, Moon had held an elderly professor at knifepoint in a second floor office, then slugged him in the face and stole his wallet

The professor involved, 81-year-old Gopal Veeraswamy, is said to be recovering well from the ordeal.

The police got a lot of tips when they put out this surveillance video. Moon was tracked down today by state parole officers and US Marshals.

The episode has left some students and faculty questioning building security in general. No one is allowed past the guards without identification. But somehow, police say Moon managed to slip into the building.

The head of the campus police force says they haven't been able to spot Moon on video as he entered the building. They believe he may have come in an exit as someone else was leaving.

Security will be reminding students and staff to not hold an exit door open for anyone.