Doctors discover new knee ligament

LEUVENS, BELGIUM; Nov. 5, 2013

They call it the anterolateral ligament - or A-L-L. It runs alongside the C-L-L ligament on the outside of the knee.

It seems to play a big role in stability.

The surgeons say injuries to the A-L-L can explain why some people who've had surgical repairs to their A-C-L - another key ligament - still feel their knees give way.

It may also explain why some people who tear their A-C-L once, tear it again

That's common in football, basketball, and soccer players, who pivot on their feet a lot.

In fact, a few years ago, the New York Giants had 4 players who had torn their A-C-L ligaments twice.

The surgeons are working on a way to diagnose, and fix A-L-L injuries, in the belief that it will help people with A-C-L injuries.

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