Vietnam veterans' headquarters in Bristol loses power after theft

BRISTOL, Pa. - November 11, 2013

Veteran Ferdie Tellado made the discovery Sunday at their facility on Coates Avenue in Bristol, Pa.

"As soon as I walked in, I turned on the lights and no lights," Tellado said.

The Vets had one day to get it fixed in time for their Veterans Day ceremony and social.

Someone had snipped the cables to their electric transformer.

They believe it was a thief who was spooked while trying to steal the heavy copper cables.

It's happened twice before.

"They did it to us again, trying to steal to copper. It's a big business now. They cut all the wires so we've had no lights. For Veterans Day? Come on," Jesse Hill said.

That's what stings.

These Vets fought an unpopular war and have had to battle for respect ever since.

They moved into an old school building six years ago and it's been a struggle.

Thieves have stolen the copper wires twice before and they even tried to cart off an air conditioning unit with a forklift.

They've also gotten inside.

"There's steps coming down from where the transformer is and they busted the door, they came in, they destroyed everything," Tellado said.

Luckily, this time the Vets were able to get PECO and a local electrician to make quick repairs.

The lights are back on and so is Monday night's program.

"We lucked out that we got power now," Tellado said.

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