What NOT to buy on Black Friday

November 25, 2013

According to the editors at DealNews.com -- maybe not. And they've created a list of items you should NOT by on Black Friday

At the top of that list: Toys, even this year's hot items like Despicable Me talking figures, bracelet looms, and Big Hugs Elmo will likely get cheaper as we get closer to Christmas.

Mark LoCastro of DealNews explains, "It's rare that these hot toys will sell out, becase these big retailers, they really stock up on inventory. That's why, come December, a lot of them start getting knocked down at the steepest price, because they want to clear the inventory."

As for electronics, Castro says you might be tempted by low prices on HDTV's on Black Friday, but be wary -- most of those deals are on low-end models. For name brands, wait for the pre-Super Bowl sales.

Also, Black Friday is not the day to buy the newest game consoles, like the Xbox One or PS4. However, if you're ok with an older generation model, you could find some deals.

LoCastro says, "Do not buy just an older generation console, look for the bundles. You'll get either more controllers, a headset and definitely games. So look out for bundled deals on older generation consoles this Black Friday."

Tablets are a similar story. Don't expect Black Friday deals on Apple's latest models. Instead, consider an older generation iPad or an Android device.

He explains, "There's a couple tablets that are really primed for Black Friday promotions and that's Microsoft Surface tablets, and also the Google Nexus tablet."

Also on the "Do Not Buy" list: jewelry, which will be discounted in the short window between Christmas and Valentine's Day; bedding and linens, which are a better deal during January White Sales; and exercise equipment, which is discounted after New Year's Day, when people make their resolutions.

If you do shop on Black Friday, make sure you know the retailer's price-match policy. That way, if the price drops before the holiday, you may be able to get back the difference.

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