Mother of Bensalem rape suspect speaks after charges upgraded; another accuser comes forward

BENSALEM, Pa. - November 25, 2013

Josh Benson had been previously charged as a juvenile for raping five of the victims. On Monday, Bensalem police announced that Benson will now be charged as an adult for those crimes and the charges will be moved to criminal court.

Benson was already charged as an adult for two attacks he allegedly committed after he turned 18.

Since those charges were announced, an 8th victim came forward on Friday while a 9th victim came forward over the weekend, police said.

Charges are still pending from accusers eight and nine.

"I know they state that he's a monster and they put it out there that he's a monster and they want to kill him, but what happened to innocent until proven guilty?" Benson's mother told Action News Monday evening.

Benson's mother, who spoke exclusively to Action News, didn't want us to identify her because she says she and her family have received threats.

"Even if someone really did do this to somebody, why would you badger somebody's family like this?" Benson's mother said.

Investigators say Benson met some of the victims, who were under the age of 18, in school and others through dating websites. He would befriend them, police say, and the victims would agree to sex.

However, when the encounter began, police say Benson would become physically violent and refuse to stop when the victims asked.

In fact, police say Benson would become 'more violent' when told to stop.

"I don't think [he raped these women.] I don't think he thought he was because it was consensual in the very starting," his mother said.

Benson moved to the area from Utah with his mother about three years ago.

In 2009, Benson's father, John, was convicted in Utah of sexually abusing a child.

Benson's mother says because of the case, he suffers from depression and other mental problems.

She claims he was also sexually abused.

"He's had a lot of heart wrenching things that's happened to him and I want people to know that he's had stuff happen to him too," Benson's mother said.

Benson was a student at Bensalem High School for six months in early 2011. He was then in and out of the district taking cyber school classes until last October.

Bensalem Police are asking any victims who have not reported an alleged assault from Benson to please contact Det. Chris McMullin or Det. Dave Nieves Jr at 215-633-3719.

"We commend the victims. It's very hard to come forward and say 'I'm a victim,' but you know what, you have a support group now," Bensalem Police Sgt. Andrew Aninsman said.

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