Black Friday fight erupts at Franklin Mills Mall

PHILADELPHIA - November 29, 2013

"We hear like a little argument going on in one of the stores, next thing you know, the manager kicks these people out," said Michael Napolitano.

Napolitano was shopping at the mall around 2:00 a.m. when he says two women and three guys started fighting.

His instinct was to pull out his camera phone and start rolling.

They make it to the ground, and I hear a Taser going off, and I thought it was a security guard breaking it up," he said.

One of the girls is reportedly armed with a stun gun.

A woman yells "No, stop!" and tries to break up the fight but gets shocked by the stun gun and backs off.

On the video, a toddler can be seen in a stroller nearby just a few feet from the melee.

"It was really shocking to see for a holiday event with everybody shopping on a Black Friday," said Napolitano.

In a tweet from management at Franklin Mills Mall, they stated that no Taser was used and the fight diminished quickly. However they made no mention of a stun gun.

Napolitano says the fight had been going on for a while before he started recording.

"It took a couple of minutes for security got there. We wanted to get out of there before it escalated any further," he said.

He says by the time security got there it was over and no one was apprehended. Philadelphia police say they are wokring with mall security.

Napolitano says it ruined the spirit of the holiday for him and others.

Everybody's out trying to save money and shop for everybody, maybe get some things for themselves. You just don't think that people are going to do stuff like that. I always wonder what drives somebody to get into a fight like that," he said.

Meanwhile John Ahle, the mall's general manager released the following statement: "Thousands of eager holiday shoppers have visited Franklin Mills over the past 18 hours and enjoyed great Black Friday deals and a festive shopping experience. An isolated incident occurred in the early morning hours between two female shoppers, that was quickly stopped by our security team, and both women were escorted out of the mall. We are committed to the safety of our shoppers, retailers and employees and will not tolerate this unacceptable behavior."

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