Mega Million jackpot reaches $297 Million

HAVERTOWN, Pa. - December 6, 2013

The numbers drawn Friday night are: 64-11-44-63-29 Mega Ball - 3

On a dreary rainy Friday, the bright spot was dropping a dollar or two or more on a dream by buying a ticket for the sky-high drawing.

For years Mega Millions was often in the shadow of the Powerball franchise. In October it reconfigured its odds, allowing for increased minimum jackpots. Odds for a small prize are now 1 in 40, to hit the big prize the odds are an estimated 1 in 176-million.

So why does Rene Boyle play?

"I don't know. Because I'm crazy. I never win, so why bother?"

But hope springs eternal, and what would she do with $297-million?

"I wouldn't keep too much of that myself. I would give it away to many people," Rene said. "I would start with my own family, I would start with a charity, I would start with the poor people. Whoever I could give to. I don't need that much money."

Whoever wins will have to choose between an annuity and a lump sum payment. The lump sum for the $297-million would be $139-million.

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