Saving with 6abc: Returning and regifting

December 26, 2013

Did you end up with a not-so perfect present?

Before you head to the super packed stores, make sure you bring your ID, you might need it and read the fine print on a gift receipt to see how long you have to bring it back.

Here's where it gets hairy. Certain items carry a restocking fee, especially electronics and some things, like video games and movies and video games can't be returned once opened.

Now, how about saving yourself a trip to the store and just re-gifting? Is it couth?

Experts say it's ok if you don't get caught and follow these rules:

  • Tip #1: Only re-gift non-perishables. They say wine is a good one.

  • Tip #2: Re-wrap and look for notes and old pieces of tape and paper; remove all evidence of the initial presentation.

  • Tip #3: Do NOT re-gift to the initial gifter! Put post-it notes on all gifts indicating who gave it to you and who was there when you opened it.

    Finally, add to the gift! If it's that bottle of wine, enhance it with some new glasses and create a whole new gift.

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