Friends share weight loss journey in new eBook

LINDENWOLD, N.J. - December 30, 2013

Those women have written an eBook called the Weight Broke the Wagon. Collectively the women have lost more than 200 pounds, and they are sharing the secrets to their success.

Natosha Lewis, Rayanne McNeill and Gina Glenn have been coworkers and friends for more than 20 years. So when Rayanne started losing weight, Gina took notice.

"When I saw her, I was like, 'What are you doing and why haven't you told me about it?'"

At the same time, something was weighing on Natosha.

"It was very depressing to be at that weight and I decided no more," Natosha said.

Over a year's time, together Natosha has lost 65 pounds, Gina 70 and counting, and Rayanne 100 pounds!

Although the women are now hooked on fitness, they admit it in their new eBook that it wasn't always easy. In Weight Broke the Wagon the women share their stories on how emotional weight leads to physical weight, and how they overcame those struggles.

"it was time to stop looking for food to comfort me and look at exercise because I feel so much better."

And even if motivation ran low for one, the others were there to keep them going.

"I have my accountability partners saying, 'Come on, you got to go. I'll see you there at 11:30.'"

Rayanne says having friends on the same journey was the icing on the cake, but they all agree you have to first want to do it for yourself. And Gina says you must have faith you will succeed.

"You must not only believe you can do it but also have to get out and move, got to get out to do something. You may not be ready for the gym but you are ready to stop drinking sodas for today."

Her tip is to start small. So if you are eating two bags of chips every day, cut it down to one. If you never exercise, start walking just a block at a time.

Of course, they all recommend trying to enlist friends or family to join you. And they say when you slip, don't beat yourself up - just start again.

Build self-esteem and confidence. They say once you do that the weight will follow.

They have much more advice in their book, which can be purchased on Amazon.

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