Saving with 6abc: Furniture deals

January 28, 2014 January 28, 2014

Buy the Floor Samples
That's the furniture sitting out on the showroom floor. They're often sold at a steep discount (roughly 30% or MORE). You just need to ask for the discount.

Pick Up your furniture Yourself instead of paying for delivery
Since sometimes the delivery cost is factored into the price - tell the salesperson you're willing to pick up the furniture yourself if he or she will shave some money off the final tab.

Even if something isn't already on sale, it can be negotiated. Experts say getting 20% knocked off the top shouldn't be difficult.

Avoid Niche Warranties
You often don't need the "extra" offered by things like fabric protection policies. These policies often cover things that are already accounted for under the normal warranty.

Check out Flash Sale websites
A few we found helpful were and

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