Winter weather causes huge pothole problems

LOWER MERION, Pa. - February 10, 2014

Very few motorists have escaped the wrath of a pothole.

"It's kinda scary and I really feel I have to be extra careful driving and worry about damage to my car," said Mark Mikus.

Just ask Jerome Scriven - he lost two tires and suffered hundreds of dollars worth of damage to his car.

"It's all over. We're just sick of these potholes and the stuff that's creating problems out here," said Scriven.

"And I have a sports car at home and I'm kinda nervous about pulling it out of the driveway because I know eventually something is gonna happen as far as a flat or something," said Anthony Scott.

PennDOT says they have been out patching the potholes across the five county region.

"We have dozens a day. Today for instance we had 18 crews out throughout the five county region working on potholes. We still have a number of crews still working on the damage from the snow from last evening UT: from last evening," said Gene Blaum, PennDOT.

A pothole is created when plows and salt gouge the roadways. Water then seeps in and freezes. When vehicles drive over them, they cave in and the holes get bigger and bigger.

No sooner do the potholes get patched up, another storm comes along and the cycle continues.

"And that is just a situation that we deal with in the winter time. We cannot tell when these snow storms are gonna come and we just cannot allow these holes to exist," said Blaum.

However the reality is the repairs are temporary because of the cold weather. Crews cannot begin to make permanent repairs until the Spring.

Meanwhile, motorists are encouraged to report potholes in the five county region by calling 1-800-FIX-ROAD.

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