New snow coming, but old snow remains

PHILADELPHIA - February 17, 2014

For example, a huge pile of snow is blocking the turning lane from 5th Street onto Market.

Many people are left wonder when the city will be able to clear it all.

"I think the city's barely keeping up with what the issues are. Most of the streets, even the larger streets, aren't even being plowed," said John Croddy of South Philadelphia.

The city had just two trucks on the road Monday, responding only to complaints.

We found a block of Rodman Street where the road has never seen a plow: It was just two steep ruts in the ice.

This mess means parking is a challenge everywhere. Matt Frock, of Hawthorne, had trouble getting close to the curb when he parked on a pile of ice.

But, he at least got a legal spot this time.

"I actually encountered my first ticket a week ago because of it. I couldn't find a spot and ended up parking in a zone that was the only accessible spot. Of course, if you don't move it every two hours, they'll get you," he said.

It's not just the snow and ice causing trouble. The city hasn't had a chance to tackle the potholes. One at 6th and Arch is almost a foot deep, and it's been this way for a couple of weeks.

The sidewalks aren't much better. They're supposed to be cleared by property owners 6 hours after the snow stops, but some have never seen a shovel, leaving pedestrians picking their way through slippery minefields.

Many are complaining, but some are trying to make the best of it.

In West Philadelphia, Charlie Boone turned this snow mound into an igloo complete with lounge chair and beach umbrella.

"The last big snow we had a few years ago we did the same thing. Clear it away and just have fun," Boone said.

The streets department says it will have 230 trucks on the road starting at midnight Tuesday to tackle the new snow on the way. While they're doing that, they say, they will also be trying to get rid of as much of the old snow as possible.

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