Shots fired into a Philadelphia firehouse

PHILADELPHIA - March 6, 2014

It was a very close call for firefighters. Gunfire tore through Engine 25 located at Hart Lane near Boudinot Street in Kensington around lunchtime.

Four firefighters were inside the kitchen. Two firefighters were standing near the window when bullets came within a foot or two of their heads.

Police found at least 6 bullet casings outside of the firehouse close to the building.

"It is scary for us as a union and for my brothers and sisters inside the firehouses to think that for no reason a person would shoot at a firehouse," said Joseph Schule, President of the Firefighters Union.

"When it occurred, they were very shaken up. But now, since a few hours have passed, everybody has calmed down. But the two that were standing up, the bullets were literally a couple feet from their heads, and they quickly ducked for cover," said Schule.

Neither firefighter was hurt.

"They could have been seriously injured or killed, we know that. And luckily, blessedly, they are all safe. We are cooperating with police, and hopefully we will find out what is up," said Commissioner Lloyd Ayers.

At least two rounds went through the window and lodged in the drywall inside. Another hit an air conditioning unit.

Initially investigators thought Engine 25 was the target, but now they believe a person was the intended target. Who and why has not been released.

"It sounds like it was an intentional attack on the firehouse, but we have no idea why. There were no recent incidents involving anyone in the neighborhood that anyone can point their finger to that may have led to this attack," said Schule.

The president of Local 22 says this is not the first time a firehouse or a fire truck has been hit by gunfire, but this case appears to be intentional.

The shooting remains under investigation.

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