Delco officials offer pothole assistance county-wide

RIDLEY PARK, Pa. - March 12, 2014

"First we had the polar vortex, now we have the pothole vortex," said Tom McGarrigle, County President.

All five members of the Delaware County Council gathered in Ridley Park, all to promote a one-time financial lifeline called 'PAT.'

"It stands for pothole assistance to tax payers," said McGarrigle.

Officials say plowing overtime, salt and potholes are busting local budgets. Therefore 'PAT' earmarks an extra $250,000 countywide.

One square mile in Ridley Park will likely get $3,000-4,000. It may not be a lot but officials say it will be appreciated.

"Everyone comments that it's a minimal amount of money but the smaller a municipality is and the tighter the budget is on a daily basis, the more valuable those few thousand dollars mean to us," said Dawn Human, Ridley Park Borough Manager.

Officials say the list of potholes to be filled is six or seven times longer than last year.

Drivers say avoiding the potholes are impossible.

At Bill Graham's service center, they have seen exhaust and suspension parts knocked out by potholes this year.

Potholes can be costly - consider just replacing a bent wheel and tire.

"Your are talking about a recondition wheel or new wheel costing $200-$500 plus a tie $200-$500, it's very expensive," said Graham.

Meanwhile county officials say the goal is to get the potholes filled quickly and effectively to prevent motorists from having to pay such costs for repairs.

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