Saving with 6abc: Savings for Golfers with

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March 25, 2014 2:46:30 PM PDT
We're looking ahead to nice weather and saving money for golfers this spring! is like an Open Table for booking tee times. But not only is the website designed to be convenient, it's also designed to give you deep discounts! TeeOff says it can connect golfers with more than 1,200 courses in the U.S. and in popular vacation destinations. Plus, you can get tee times for up to half off!

It also says it offers more tee times than any other tee time reservation network.

Action News checked it out today - and just in Philadelphia - you can get 45% off tee times at FDR Golf Club, 34% off or more at various Cobb's creek courses, and a whopping 60% discount at Indian Springs Country Club in New Jersey.