Art of Aging: Exercising the mind

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March 27, 2014 10:12:02 AM PDT
Playing games, doing puzzles and surfing the internet may seem like recreational pastimes but experts say those are just a few of the ways we can keep mentally sharp as we age.

There are also places you can go such as groups you can join to keep the brain engaged.

Senior and community centers offer lifelong learning classes.

Rose Wilson of Philadelphia said, " I'm doing art. We go on trips and it keeps your mind sharp and you're never too old to learn.

" We have classes in music. We have classes in literature; there's history classes," added Leveah & Donald Rosensweig of Philadelphia.

Many colleges also offer lifelong learning classes and the benefits can be enormous.

Raechel Hammer from the Klein Jewish Community Center said, "It will allow them to have longer memory, to have more improved heath, to have reduced heart disease."

To find classes in your area, call the PCA help line, 215-765-9040.