Two 11 year olds shot in separate Phila. shootings

PHILADELPHIA - April 7, 2014

Both were children were just 11 years old and both were innocent victims.

In Saturday's case, a little girl was accidently shot by her 2-year-old brother. She died from her injuries.

In Sunday's case, a stray bullet hit an 11-year-old who was simply enjoying a beautiful afternoon outside.

On Monday, detectives went door-to-door, canvassing a North Philadelphia neighborhood near Gratz and Oxford streets.

That's where police say 11-year-old Kashia Crawford was playing basketball when he got caught in the crossfire of two gunmen.

A bullet struck Kashia in the hip and lodged in his abdomen. He is recovering at St. Christopher's Hospital where he will need multiple surgeries.

"I'm stressed. I'm stressed. I'm scared. I'm a nervous wreck," said Tyeesha Callie, mother.

Homes by the scene on the 1500 block of Gratz Street are equipped with surveillance cameras.

Detectives are hopeful that will lead them to the suspects, one of whom may have also suffered a gunshot wound but has yet to turn up at a local hospital.

"I just wish it never happened to my son. I mean he's 11 years old and he's a good child. He didn't deserve this," said Callie.

Across town in Mantua, balloons, candles and teddy bears reflect more grief.

On Saturday, inside a home on the 3800 block of Wallace Street, a 2-year-old accidentally shot his 11 year-old-sister Jamara Stevens.

Police say the mother's boyfriend left a loaded gun on top of the refrigerator.

"Apparently a 14-year-old child finds that gun, takes the gun to the bedroom and places it under the bed," said Lt. John Stanford, Philadelphia Police.

That's where the 2-year-old found it. Police say he pointed it at his sister and said, 'Pow! Pow!'

The boy's hands tested positive for gun powder.

"My thing is to the parents that have younger kids and that have guns in their house to be more aware of what's going on so that situations like this can be prevented," said Quadarah Martin.

Police are still trying to locate the boyfriend so he can be interviewed. So far no one has been charged in either incident.

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