Winslow Township firefighters help save baby born in car

WINSLOW TWP., N.J. - April 7, 2014

Meet Annika Grace Blatherwick, 6 pound 9 ounce baby girl from Clementon, New Jersey.

Her proud parents Melissa and Chad say she was overdue but when it was time she came fast.

"I was like oh my goodness, Jesus help us because there is nothing we can do," said Melissa.

Saturday night, the husband and wife, who have three other children, were in their van on the way to the nearest hospital but they never made it.

"She said the baby's coming out so I just pulled over and when I saw the head it was just amazing," said Chad.

However the umbilical cord was wrapped around Annika's neck twice. The parents were able to remove it but their newborn baby wasn't breathing.

Thankfully for all three, they were around the corner from Albion Volunteer Fire Company in Winslow Township.

"We heard the honking and here comes this vehicle pulling up the front door," said Captain Brian Tomlin.

Capt. Tomlin and his crews, trained firefighters and EMTs, grabbed the baby, clearing out her air way until they heard that sweet sound of crying.

"We had some good training so it was just muscle memory. Our body just knew what to do and when to do it," said Bill Hewitt, Albion Fire Company.

In Winslow Township, the six fire houses in the community are on a rotation so one night earlier or one night later and those firefighters/EMTs wouldn't have been here.

As fate would have it, they were on duty and ready to respond.

"I'm a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. Just so happened that we were here at the right place at the right time," said Capt. Tomlin.

Fresh from the hospital Monday, Annika got to properly meet the men who helped save her very young life.

"God said if you call out to him and He will deliver you and He did literally bring her into the world," said Melissa.

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