Home maintenance now will pay off through Spring, Summer

AMBLER, Pa. - April 14, 2014

First, she says, clean your refrigerator's coils.

"The refrigerator will run a lot better, more efficiently, and last longer if you vacuum the coils," she explains. "Super simple, no major skills required. Get down on your hands and knees, pop the front grill, take the vacuum and get under there and suck out all that dust and dirt and dust bunnies that are under there. You can take the grill, wash it with some sudsy water, let it dry and snap it back on."

Next stop, the laundry room, where you'll want to check the washing machine hoses for little leaks that could turn into a big, expensive flood. And then take time to clean your dryer vent.

Allen explains, "You want to get a long, expandable brush that will get down 5-6 feet into your duct work and pull out all that dust. Because fires actually happen thousands of times each year here in America because of dryers."

She adds, "You'll notice that your dryer actually performs better and will run hotter to heat your clothes faster."

The brush kit she used cost about $20.

You'll also want to clean the filters on your heating and air-conditioning units, to clean the air and lower your cooling costs.

Allen says, "The other really important thing is, with your HVAC -- your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system -- you have to change the filter. If you have central heat and air, this is the filter that sits in the unit. Three times a year, sometimes four times a year, you should be changing this. The system runs more efficiently, you breathe better, there's less allergies. So, it's really great, any time you have the Springtime allergies, right after the pollen kind of drops, is a good time to change this. 355 so It's cleaner for the summer."

To get more of Allen's money-saving Do-It-Yourself tips, check out her blog by clicking here.

And be sure to watching Action News 6@4 later this week, when Allen will share her Spring maintenance tips for OUTSIDE your house.

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