Relief for allergy sufferers

April 11, 2014

It is allergy season and allergy sufferers are looking for ways to relieve their symptoms.

Health officials say if you take medication for allergies, start taking it now in order to keep your symptoms from getting out of control.

Right now, tree pollen is very high, grass is very Low, but this is the first day. Ragweed is not seen, but mold spores are high.

And this is just the beginning.

Flowers are blooming, grass is growing and people are outside enjoying the nice weather. But for allergy-sufferers know what is coming.

"I get congestion, heavy congestion and nasal problems, it trickles down," said Bobby Rego.

"A lot of headaches, a lot of sneezing, a lot of congestion and facial pressure, you name it, and I pretty much got it," said Julie Mendez.

We tagged along as allergist doctor George Belecanech took the daily pollen count reading on the roof of the Asthma Center in Philadelphia.

"Over the past 10 days, there has been an explosion," said Dr. Belecanech.

He says tree pollen and mold spores are high, and just today, we are seeing low levels of grass pollen.

"Grass pollen levels will continue to rise and probably peak around May and well into June," said Dr. Belecanech.

Mister Robertson knows grass pollen bothers him so he is planning ahead.

"Go down to Rite Aid, buy a bunch of Benadryl so I can continue working," said Robertson.

Dr. Belecanech says that is the right idea; start treating symptoms now before the pollen gets worse.

"It's best to start before peak levels hit, because it takes a while to rein in once you are symptomatic," said Dr. Belecanech.

He says you can start with over-the-counter remedies. If they don't work, talk to your doctor about prescription medication.

Healthcare officials say they typically see a lot of asthma flare-ups at the start of allergy season, so make sure you have medication for that as well.

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