Chaka Fattah Jr. files federal lawsuit for $10 million

PHILADELPHIA - April 15, 2014

"I've gone from having a six figure income and a successful business to having no income," said Fattah Jr.

Back in February of 2012, FBI and IRS agents raided his condo and nearby office, carting off documents and a computer. At the time, he was told he was being investigated for tax issues, but no charges have been filed.

Fattah Jr. says they tipped off the media and violated his privacy. Plus, he says he's done nothing wrong.

"It's very likely that it was a politically motivated decision," said Fattah Jr.

Fattah Jr. suspects he was targeted because of his name. He's the son of U.S. Congressman Chaka Fattah Sr., who is also being investigated by the feds.

At the time of the raids, Fattah Jr. was working for attorney David Shulick, marketing his string of private schools for problem kids.

Shulick had big contracts with the school district.

Fattah Jr. was paid $12,000 a month by Shulick, who has contributed to his father's campaigns, as well as to other politicians.

Fattah Jr. says he wasn't paid for access to his father.

"This is not something where, in my opinion, he had any type of undue influence because of me, let alone my father," he said.

Fattah Jr. says he doesn't know if the feds went after him to get to his father, or if they were after Shulick.

He only knows that he's been told he will be facing criminal charges but that was 10 months ago.

"At that time I was told it would happen within 30 days, again which was 10 months ago. I can talk to you for a very long time about how unnerving that might be," said Fattah Jr.

For now, Fattah Jr. is striking back first with this lawsuit, as he faces an uncertain future.

Congressman Fattah referred all questions to the probe's investigators. Shulick has declined to comment. As for the IRS, officials say they do not comment on ongoing criminal investigations.

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