Souderton student to sing at Carnegie Hall

SOUDERTON, Pa. - April 15, 2014

Jackson Bell, an 8th grader at the school, began singing with the choir in the 6th grade.

When asked if he is one of the best singers in the choir, his fellow choir members definitely recognize his talents.

"In my opinion yes, and probably in everybody else's opinion," said Mia Hershberger, choir member.

Jackson auditioned last fall for the Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall, which is limited to middle school performers from across North America. He was nominated for the opportunity, anonymously.

"If I get a chance to thank them, I definitely will," said Jackson.

His classmates had no doubt he would make the cut.

"He made it so we were all really happy for him and we're all really excited for him," said Christopher Keach.

"It's a great honor for him, just shows what he can do later in life," said Leah Miller.

The big news is sinking in for Jackson as well.

"I mean Carnegie Hall, a lot of people work their entire lives to get to Carnegie Hall and the fact that I'm 14 and going to Carnegie Hall, that's phenomenal," he said.

Jackson's dad remembers he loved to perform even as a toddler.

"He would give us shows as a 2-year-old. He wakes up, he's singing, makes his own music," said Koji Bell.

Jackson's mom says he used to be shy about his talent among others.

"He used to be and that's the glory of the story, his teacher gave him a little bit of encouragement and that wonderful seed she planted in him, just blossomed," said Deana Bell.

Jackson will sing at Carnegie Hall on June 28th and before his big day he'll practice under the guidance of internationally known conductors.

His family's also running a fundraising campaign to help pay for his trip. Click here to find out how you may donate

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