Worth the wait: Easter treats in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA - April 18, 2014

The line for Czerw's Kielbasy started early Friday and stretched along the 3300 block of Tilton Street in Port Richmond. People come from all over for homemade Polish kielbasa.

Some told Action News they came directly from the airport; others were elected to retrieve the goods for their families.

"I just texted [my husband] a picture of the line and told him he owes me big time for waiting in this line while he's working," Carol Yankanich of Northeast Philadelphia said.

"Usually I'm a little earlier, but they lost my luggage. I was waiting for it, but now I'm late," Sacha Morrow of South Philadelphia said.

Packages were wrapped up front as the aroma wafted from the back smokehouse that John Czerw's grandfather built by hand 75 years ago.

Workers are at Czerw's around the clock to make sure there's enough kielbasa for the Easter rush.

"It's just a great Polish tradition. People put in their baskets to get it blessed, they take it to church on Saturdays," John Czerw said.

And if you're looking to make your Easter a little sweeter, come to Shane Confectionery in Old City. There are enough goodies to give the Easter Bunny a run for his money.

Giant chocolate bunnies. Peanut butter pillows.

At Shane Confectionery on the 100 block of Market Street, the preparations for Easter begin right after Christmas.

A popular pick are carefully decorated butter cream eggs.

One customer tells us she now buys them at Shane's instead of making them herself.

"It's much easier. Pay my parking, come in here," Joann Sullivan of Penn Valley said.

Upstairs, Mike was perfecting their clear toy Easter bunnies by shaving off all the rough edges from the molds. Their colossal bunny is more than a foot tall, decorative, fun to look at and eat.

"This is an old Pennsylvania, German tradition. If you are so inclined you can actually fill it with jelly beans and break it like a piñata at the Easter table," Ryan Berley, co-owner of Shane Confectionery, said.

Happy eating!

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