Saving with 6abc: Practical wedding gifts

PHILADELPHIA - April 23, 2014

First up, good eats.

Everyone's got to eat and a food-centric gift can be both personal and practical at the same time.

You can do this with restaurant gift cards or even a membership to a wine, beer, or fruit of the month club.

Many newlyweds are cash-strapped.

They have just splurged on what is likely the biggest party of their lives and now the bills are rolling in.

So why not give them something to help them save money?

Try a warehouse membership or an Amazon Prime membership which has some free movies and books to read, plus some free shipping options.

Another cool idea is to give the gift of adventure.

The traveling shouldn't stop just because the honeymoon ends.

Help the couple get away on the cheap during the upcoming year with gas cards or gift certificates to nearby bed and breakfasts.

Finally, give them something they can do to learn and grow together.

There are a slew of cool classes available. Think anything from cooking to foreign language to learning how to navigate the great outdoors.

You know the couple, so pick something that suits their interests.

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