Police: Suspect used skimming device at Evesham bank ATM

EVESHAM TWP, N.J. - April 28, 2014

Police say a photo shows their suspected attempted thief seconds before he lifted his American Eagle hoodie and pulled out a skimming device he placed on an ATM at the West Route 70 Bank of America.

Police say around 3:00 p.m. Saturday, cameras caught the man installing the device over the ATM card slot. His goal was to obtain debit and credit card numbers.

Investigators say he even attached a small camera to record customers entering their PINs.

The sophisticated equipment was on the inside ATM for about 3 hours before a Bank of America customer noticed the device and reported it to police.

Now other customers are on alert.

"I don't know what a skimmer device looks like, but I would definitely know if something is not right with the machine," Adam Barkow of Cherry Hill, NJ said.

Police don't know how many people inserted their cards into the machine during that 3 hour period Saturday. But Bank of America says it was able to contact those who did and closed their accounts before any money was stolen.

Some skimmer devices can be hard to recognize.

Police say customers should inspect the ATM, gas pump or any card reader before using it and block the keypad while entering a PIN.

"I'm not sure necessarily what else can be done other than trying to be a little more observant of what you looking at," Joe Morse of Marlton, NJ said.

If you recognize the suspect, call Evesham Township Police.

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