Bucks County woman creates stunning art that's fun, funky and functional

"It's not just art that hangs on a wall, but what I really found my passion to be is artwork that can be used - whether it's a table, or a lazy Susan, or a trivet."

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Thursday, September 3, 2020
FUNKtional Art by Missy boasts funky and functional art
Her art includes clocks made from record albums, funky tables, and lazy Susans, and an array of wall decor that's sure to astonish.

We hear a lot about reinventions in the year of COVID-19.

In this week's Art of Aging, Tamala Edwards meets a Bucks County woman who has turned a creative hobby into a very practical business.

Missy Fox Decker says she's always been crafty, but never considered herself an artist until she discovered fluid art about a month before she retired in July of 2019.

"It's more commonly known as paint pouring because that's really what it is. You don't use a brush. You actually pour paint in different combinations," explains Fox Decker.

Now, she's turned her newfound passion into an online business called FUNKtional Art by Missy.

"And the FUNKtional is with a K," says Fox Decker.

She's creating interesting items such as clocks made from record albums, so not only is she bringing the funk, she's making what she calls unique and purposeful art.

"It's not just art that hangs on a wall, but what I really found my passion to be is artwork that can be used - whether it's a table, or a lazy Susan, or a trivet," says Fox Decker.

"The resin is food grade, so you can put food on it," she goes on to further explain. "It's also heat-resistant to 475 degrees, so it can be a hot plate."

Fox Decker says although she enjoyed her business career, it was very structured and paint pouring allows her creativity to flow, literally.

"I was excited to try something new and different," says Fox Decker. "And I was hooked right out of the gate."

"Any kind of acrylic paint that you want to use will work, but you have to thin it down," she says. "I'm learning all the time."

There are many different techniques that can be used. A dirty pour is one technique that involves mixing the paint in a single cup. Then, the cup is flipped over onto a surface and lifted to let the paint flow out.

She says after you complete the pour, a culinary torch should be used to get all the air bubbles out. Then, you can start to tilt the piece to move the paint around to where you want it.

"Every time you do it, it's unique, it's different. You can't replicate something 100 percent," says Fox Decker.

There is little paint wasted with this art. The leftover 'skins,' as they're called, from the pour can be used to make jewelry and magnets. She says the possibilities of what you can make are endless.

"To me, it's a lot of fun," says Fox Decker. "I'm just really enjoying it."

Missy Fox Decker is offering a special 15% discount on her art to those who mention 6abc with their order at FUNKtional Art by Missy.

This discount is valid for all orders placed throughout the month of September 2020.