West Philly art curator offering items from around the globe at Lancaster Avenue gallery

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Thursday, February 16, 2023
West Philly art curator offering items from around the globe
Ultra Silk Gallery in West Philadelphia can help adorn your home with fresh furnishings or artwork.

WEST PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Rashida Watson and her daughter, Ms. Kenya, have curated quite a cultural collection, traveling the globe for the artwork and home décor items available at Ultra Silk Gallery on Lancaster Avenue.

"We opened the spring of 2022," said Watson. "There's a lot of artists in the area and we really wanted to create a platform to feature them."

Watson, a lifelong artist, also owns The Silk Tent close by, also on Lancaster Avenue.

"I call it an international boutique," she said.

She says they specialize in "a lot of ethnic jewelry," but they also carry textiles and gift items.

"We have a lot of things from Africa and Southeast Asia," said Watson.

With the expansion of the gallery, it's enabled her to promote larger pieces.

The Ultra Silk Gallery has furniture from Morocco and lots of other home décor, including items like masks, sculptures and bronzes.

"Everything is handmade and unique," said Ms. Kenya. "One of a kind."

The walls are decorated with a variety of art.

"It's a mixture of African American and African artists," said Ms. Kenya.

Watson says they're gathering a collection of work from artist Andrew Turner, since he lived in the Philadelphia area.

They have several of his pieces on display in the gallery, including one called "The Red Woman."

And Ms. Kenya introduced "The Learning Gallery," so visitors get an interactive experience.

"You actually scan the artwork itself and the images, or the video, or the information actually pops up in the artwork itself," she said. "It opens up a new layer of beauty and refined value to the piece."

Ultra Silk Gallery also hosts Second Friday events to highlight local artists.

"We're always featuring a new artist every month," said Watson. "It's been a fantastic response."

Ms. Kenya says they're hoping that Lancaster Avenue will become the place that people "go for art."

"It's exciting," she says.

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