Pa. woman creates sensory guide videos on TikTok for those on the autism spectrum

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Saturday, November 25, 2023
Pa. woman creates sensory guide videos on TikTok
Erin Clemens is a Pennsylvania woman on the autism spectrum who creates video sensory guides on TikTok for those in the local community.

PENNSYLVANIA (WPVI) -- This West Chester woman has recently started a project providing a resource for those on the autism spectrum.

"I am on the autism spectrum, so I'm giving my perspective as an adult point of view, for something that most people may not be aware of," said Erin Clemens.

Clemens can be found on TikTok as "aspergersadie" visiting local businesses to show people what to expect for their sensory needs, and how businesses can accommodate them.

"I also have these sensory issues that I experience where sometimes I feel like I get overstimulated and I just need to take a break," said Clemens.

This project is in hopes to support those on the autism spectrum who may be wary of visiting local businesses based on their sensory issues.

"This kind of content is kind of needed in the community and I kind of needed it for myself but it wasn't available, so I felt like I should be the one to do it," said Clemens.

Her first video was created at the Exton Square Mall at Sensory Fit, a gym focused on inclusivity with activities for children with or without sensory issues.

"It helps give other business owners in the community a live perspective of somebody going in and walking into your business, and really truly understanding what it's like with someone who has different sensory needs," said Sensory Fit owner Megan Simmons.

Clemens films using her cell phone, and provides a narration on top of the recorded video.

"We've had a few people come in who have seen her videos and have brought their children in who have had autism to come and play at Sensory Fit," said Simmons.

This project is one that has just begun; but, is filled with passion and hope for the future.

"My hope is to continue to create these videos over time. I'm hoping that I can provide something that isn't quite there yet," said Clemens.

To visit Clemens' page, check out aspergersadie on TikTok.

Also, check out Sensory Fit on their website.