Ben Simmons says he's done with the Sixers. What will the team do now?

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Thursday, September 23, 2021
Simmons, 76ers locked in game of chicken as season approaches
The Sixers begin training camp next week. And just like in the playoffs.. don't expect Ben Simmons to show up.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- For my son's ninth birthday, he wanted a Sixers City Edition jersey. In shopping it occurred to me, he had too many Joel Embiid jerseys, so I opted to buy him a Simmons jersey.

Boy, was that an expensive mistake!

The Sixers begin training camp next week. And just like in the playoffs, don't expect Ben Simmons to show up.

In fact, don't expect to see him in a Sixers uniform ever again.

Simmons has let the team know that not only will he not be showing up for camp, and he doesn't intend to ever play another game for the franchise.

This marriage has become mighty messy.

Doc Rivers is trying his best to avoid a divorce. He came out publicly to say they're going to try to work on him and get him in the right place, and they want him here in Philadelphia.

Problem is, it's Rivers' comments that he wasn't sure the team could win a championship with Simmons that seem to set the all-star guard off.

Rivers says his words were taken out of context, but it appears the damage was done.

Here's my thing: that aside, what is Ben's problem with this city and this team?

The fans have done nothing but support him, cheering him on at the foul line or encouraging him to shoot the ball.

Simmons shot 32.7 percent from the stripe in the series against the Hawks and made only 3 field goals in the 4th quarter in the 7 games combined.

Should he fail to show up to camp, the Sixers can fine him.

If he misses games, they can withhold his game checks.

It appears the Sixers are ready to do just that.

After all, they don't want to give away an all-star for nothing, just because he can't handle the pressure that comes with underperforming.