It's time for an end to the Ben Simmons drama in Philadelphia

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
It's time for an end to the Ben Simmons drama in Philly
The Ben Simmons' situation has grown tiresome with fans, the team and the player all seeking an end.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Well, the Sixers find themselves in a tough situation - what to do with Ben Simmons?

This was always going to end badly; we just didn't know if it was going to be "small fire" bad or "scorched earth" bad.

Simmons told the team months ago he wanted out and he would never play for them again. The Sixers tried to trade him - for a king's ransom -- but found nothing they liked.

They implored him to show up for camp. He refused. Only to pop up weeks later - unannounced. He loafed it on the court.

By Tuesday, Doc Rivers had seen enough of a disengaged Simmons, kicked him out of practice and suspended him a game without pay.

Coach Rivers is hopeful Ben's attitude changes, and he rejoins the team fully. That may or may not happen, but if you listen to Joel Embiid it sounds like the damage has been done.

So what do the Sixers do now?

If Simmons' attitude doesn't change, they can keep suspending and fine him until it does.

Or, they need to realize they have to lower their asking price, cut the losses and the cancer from this team and move on.