Delaware man turns internship with Tom Brady into career

MAGNOLIA, Delaware (WPVI) -- If you've ever had an internship on your way to success, you will appreciate the dream and the drive of a Delaware man who took that opportunity and turned it into a career.

After 24-year-old Cameron Corbett from Magnolia, Kent County got his Master's Degree in athletic training from West Chester University, he got an internship with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

There, former Bucs star receiver Antonio Brown took him under his wing.

"I knew that once I got the opportunity, that's all I needed, one opportunity," Corbett says. "I knew that one foot in the door could really change my life. Opportunities don't come for everybody. My dad always told me that: once you get one, you take advantage of it."

Corbett did everything and anything that was needed, showing up seven days a week.

That earned him an audience with quarterback Tom Brady, who ended up offering him a job as an athletic trainer with his TB12 Sports and Wellness Brand.

"We built a rapport," Corbett says. "It's rare to have the opportunity, from here in Delaware, to build a relationship with Tom Brady."

"Everybody has a story. Everybody has scars that come with it. Why not me?" he said

Corbett is now working to pass his certification exam to start that job with TB12.

By the way, football is in the family. His cousin is three-time Super Bowl champion Duron Harmon, who now plays for the Atlanta Falcons.

Corbett's goal? He wants to one day open his own athletic training facility here at home.

He also hopes you will understand why he's rooting for the Bucs on Sunday.
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