Philadelphia police investigate multiple armed carjackings

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Thursday, October 15, 2020
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The East Detective Division of the Philadelphia Police Department is working three armed carjacking cases.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The East Detective Division of the Philadelphia Police Department is working three armed carjacking cases that all happened within the last week.

"The carjackings are cyclical, so they happen and then stop for a while," said Lt. Robert Brockenborugh.

The most recent carjacking happened at Braddock and Huntingdon streets in the city's Kensington section at about 1 a.m. Police said three suspects approached a man who got out of his running car to make a phone call.

"They came up like they were friends and next thing you know, he acted like he had a gun under his hoodie and they jumped in his car and took off," said John Dolan, who witnessed the incident.

Officers from the 25th district recovered the vehicle after a short pursuit when it crashed at Rorer and Clearfield streets. The armed carjackers then ran from the scene.

On October 12, a 21-year-old man left his car running on the 2600 block of Ann Street in Port Richmond when he ran into a corner store.

"Once he came out of the store he observed that there were three males in his backseat. He was then approached by three more males to drive the car. They pointed a gun and drove him to West Philadelphia. They did release the victim once they got to West Philadelphia. He was unharmed but they did take his car keys, his car, his wallet and his phone," said Brockenborugh.

On October 8, three men approached a driver pumping gas at a station at 3100 W. Hunting Park Avenue. One of the suspects pointed a handgun to the victim's head before taking off with his silver SUV, police said.

Despite the proximity and the timing of the carjackings, Brockenborugh says there isn't a definitive connection tying each case together.

"There have been other carjackings in the city but at this time we don't have any reason to believe that this is a pattern," said Brockenborugh.

Authorities say you should lock your car even when your in it, and if someone demands your property, give it up without a fight. It's not worth your life.

Investigators still looking for these suspects in the three carjackings.

If you have any information call police at 215-686-TIPS (8477).