South Jersey community comes together in solidarity for Israel

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Wednesday, October 11, 2023
South Jersey community comes together in solidarity for Israel
South Jersey community comes together in solidarity for Israel

CHERRY HILL, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Inside the Temple Beth Sholom in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, a congregation came together to show support for war-torn Israel.

It's been three days since Hamas terrorists besieged the country.

Now, Israel and Hamas are at war.

Rabbi Micah Peltz, who serves the Temple Beth Shalom congregation, said it was important for those of Jewish faith and many with family in Israel to have a sense of fellowship.

"There's strength in community and to realize we're not alone in our sadness anger and frustration. I think being here tonight is going to be very helpful for all of us to come together and figure out how to move forward together," said Peltz.

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Hamas is a militant group that was designated a terrorist organization by the United States government in 1997 following several suicide bombings and kidnappings.

The executive director of Cherry Hill's Katz JCC, Oded Kraus, grew emotional when talking about his family in Israel.

"My entire family is there, my dad, my sister, grandkids as well. The stories that are coming from there that haven't hit the media yet are horrifying. I truly hope it's going to be behind us very soon, but I'm afraid we are up for a long fight against people who are not humane," said Kraus.

For those in our region with longstanding support of Palestine, like Democratic Delaware State Representative Madinah Wilson-Anton, she says she hopes people can look at the long-time conflict.

Wilson-Anton is adamant she does not support the violence, and like so many wants peace.

"I think it's very simplistic to say I stand with Israel. I think it's a way of dehumanizing the Palestinian," said Wilson-Anton.

She also says many of the Palestinians dying are innocent civilians and she urges people to educate themselves.

"Reach out to Palestinians, reach out to people who are informed on the issue , learn more and try to see this as an issue with human beings on both sides," said Wilson-Anton.