Woman grieving after sister's body found with bullet to head in Chester

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Saturday, October 24, 2020
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TRAGIC: A family in Chester, Delaware County, is grieving at the loss of their 25-year-old daughter to gun violence.

CHESTER, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A family in Chester, Delaware County is grieving at the loss of their 25-year-old loved one to gun violence.

Nahmirah Ishmail said the body of her sister, Naima, was found by the Chester waterfront with a bullet hole in her head on October 7.

"Two weeks and two days since my sister was murdered, and it still feels fresh," said Ishmail."I really have to go on living without her here,"

Nahmirah organized a walk Friday in hopes of bringing awareness to find her sister's killer.

"To know that the person that possibly did this is still out there, that even makes it harder because now I'm scared to go outside," said Ishmail. "My trust is just not there with people, so this has really made a difference in my life."

Police said they are working to bring justice to her family.

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"We have a strong suspect, a person of interest, that we are tracking," said Chester Police Commissioner Steven Gretsky.

And just this week, in a separate act of violence, 62-year-old Diana Davis was struck by a stray bullet while driving. She crashed on 9th Street and Central Avenue and later died at the hospital.

"It's very reckless. That's somebody's mother, somebody's grandmother," said Gretsky.

Gretsky said he believes this could be the result of a turf war between rival housing projects.

"There's no such thing as gangs in Chester. It's more of the neighborhood you grow up in. Using the Chester term, you have the east side, and the west side," said Gretsky,"And then, from what neighborhood you're from."

Monday's incident put Chester at 30 homicides, which almost doubles last year's total of 18. Chester police are still looking for multiple people responsible for the death of Davis.

Chester police have a free app where people can submit tips anonymously to help solve these crimes. CLICK HERE to learn more.