Shoppers getting ingredients for their Christmas holiday meals

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Thursday, December 22, 2022
Shoppers getting ingredients for their holiday meals
Many people spent Thursday shopping for specialty food items around Philadelphia ahead of the holiday.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Many people spent Thursday shopping for specialty food items around Philadelphia.

"It's just fun, it's nice to be out," said Debbie Poryes from Media. Many folks were getting their holiday meals ready, stopping by shops like Di Bruno Brothers in Center City to get all their necessities.

"I ran in here to get our steaks for Christmas Eve," said Poryes.

The rainy weather didn't stop people from making the walk.

"I love it. I have my boots and I have my down pants and my trusty San Francisco leather jacket," said Poryes.

Shoppers have been loading up on gifts as well as food for the dinner table.

"It's been busy, busy, busy. Lots of custom gift baskets being made, people come in, loading up their shopping carts and baskets," said Emilio Mignucci, store team leader of Di Bruno Brothers Rittenhouse.

In South Philadelphia, there was a long line at Anastasi Seafood.

"Lots of customers, lots of action, it's moving really well, we're very pleased," said Janet Stechman, co-owner of Anastasi Seafood.

Some customers said coming here is part of their annual Christmas tradition.

"I love flounder, I love fish, I love seafood," said Jefferey Harris from Center City.

Especially for those getting their seven-fish dinner plans ready.

Stechman said she expects crowds to be bigger Friday and Saturday.